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The Younger Dryas, 2023

The Younger Dryas

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At the end of the last Ice Age, our world underwent extreme transformation cycling through massive inductions of heat, vulcanism, & abrupt deep-freezes. Supersonic plasma winds melted landscapes, depositing mountain ranges, leaving behind deserts where oceans once spanned, & sinking continents under newly formed seas. This is the mythological origin of Fire & Brimstone, the Great Flood, the Sinking of Atlantis, a time when the earth stood still & the sun nova’d then turned dark. In my newest 6 x 8 inch oil painting, “The Younger Dryas,” I aim to transcribe the mythology of a global apocalypse left etched in stone & ancient scriptures—a page in our history that has been removed intentionally. In my quest to understand the overlapping catastrophe narratives documented most notably by Michael Steinbacher, Wal Thornhill, David Talbott, Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Randall Carlson & Brien Foerster, the facts become clear that we have been lied to. My own field research brings an artist’s perspective to these crossroads of evidence-backed myth scribed in stone by the ancient Native Americans describing a great War of the Gods, which resulted in disorganization of our solar system bringing destruction & rejuvenation to the world. These gods of the past may have been archetypes for the energies that rule specific eco-domains like the oceans & the skies. Among the many epic legends I learned as a child, there was one that always stuck out the most: the icon of the red-haired giants told by the Paiute & Hopewell Indians. But it is not just the old tales of the West, it is in ancient Sumerian, Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Armenian, Hindu-Vedic, Chinese, Indo-Aryan, Mayan, & many more who documented the existence of 12-15 foot tall, blue-skinned red-haired beings with superior strength & knowledge. From spiritual gods to lumbering nightmares these giants are said to have upgraded human consciousness in ancient times. Shiva, Osiris, KulKulKahn, & the Nordic ice giants all shared this blue skin, suggesting a copper rich blood difference from our red iron rich blood. These can be associated with the Annunaki, the Anakim, Nephilim, Archons, & Titans. This incredible information was cataloged by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky in his book “Worlds in Collision,” a comparative analysis of the creation & apocalypse mythology found in nearly every ancient culture. It has been corroborated by Dr. Anthony Peratt, who demonstrated through his plasma experiments how electromagnetic field geometries mimic the shapes commonly found in petroglyphs throughout the world. Mainly, the now trending term “Squatter Man,” an image of what many call the God Self Icon, is a graphic interpretation of a powerful sky event in the form of a toroidal plasma excursion. All this suppressed knowledge may seem so fantastic it can leave our grasp; therefore, in the spirit of the master paintings of the Fall of Rome & Egypt to the great Western exploration depictions of our prehistoric origin, I seek to vandalize the psyche, painting the abstract into form here through “Metaphysical Surrealism.”


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