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Planet X, 2020

Planet X

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"Planet X" portrays the mythological gumbo of global mythology that predates written history. The powerful mysteries mythology presents have fascinated me since I was a child, such as the ancient Greek lore that describes Earth as having been a moon of Saturn, child of Kronos (Saturn) who was a god and father to Zeus (Jupiter) and fought a great battle for control of the planets until Helios (The Sun) entered the scene dominating and rearranging our solar system’s alignment. The ancient Vedas described a similar cosmic war between worlds, everything from vimanas (flying machines) to other accurate astronomical descriptions of the surface of the Moon and Mars, the spherical shape of our own planet in a universe filled with other planets, long before the discoveries of Copernicus. To have the intelligence to articulate these facts at such a pre-historic age is mind blowing. Who were the ancients and what were they doing here? Were they more advanced than we in our current state of intellect? And how did they produce a culture tens of thousands of years ago that spanned the entire planet, building near identical, impossible architectural mega-structures across every continent to synergize and unite what was potentially a global society? What caused the disappearance of these people and their neolithic sites, buried under piles of mud, rubble, deserts of sands and sediment, nearly erasing their existence? When we study the petroglyphs, hieroglyphs, ancient writings by Plato, and other Sumerian cuneiform documents, we see a comparable timeline of events unfolding, chronicling the demise of an advanced ancient human race. Both the Greeks and Indians believed in a cyclical process in time called the great year, or the Yugas. This was not limited to these two cultures; the Native Americans, along with the ancient Chinese, have similar myths describing events in the heavens that change the course of humanity on earth time and time again. It is my deepest fascination to search the underlying story on every level of the human experience and try to articulate the truth that is covered up by those who wish to control the thoughts and freedoms of all people. We have been lied to on such a grand scale, preventing us from reaching new levels in our human experience. This restrictive treatment by the powers that be are conditioning us for a future based in science fiction controlled by fear-mongers and lazy, elite dark-energy worshipers. This may be a coexisting condition (as above so below) with what brought about our previous destruction in ancient times, the battle for our future. Despite the growing body of evidence-based research that is currently revolutionizing this field of discussion, there remains a world of deniers and academics adamant on ridiculing and destroying the credibility of scholars who are providing a radical alternative interpretation to the history they want us to buy. It is said that the systems of control extend far beyond the realm of politics, but thanks to a maverick group of thinkers who are currently operating outside of the system—re-examining, resolving our story, humanity’s origins, and ancient history, literally unearthing remarkable discoveries that will shake the very foundations of our current truth and understanding—these outliers are giving humanity a fighting chance at a more prosperous future.


Acrylic on canvas

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