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Lucinda Lewis

Lucinda Lewis x Lushy, 2023

Lucinda Lewis x Lushy

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24 x 35 ″

This piece is part of a project created for the Formula 1 Paddock Club in Miami where photographs of Formula 1 cars shot by famed automotive photographer Lucinda Lewis were given to 15 local graffiti artists who created original works of art over the photograph.

 About the 1939 Auto Union D-Type Grand Prix: At the 1933 Berlin Motor Show, Hitler announced every German would have a car or tractor and announced 500,000 RM to any German who built the fastest, most powerful race car ever. After a conversation between Hitler, Auto Union Gmbh, and Dr. Porsche, the prize would be split between Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union. Dr. Porsche’s years after leaving Mercedes were devoted to numerous engineering tasks, but none so dear to his heart as the P-wagen, his design for a racing vehicle that became the blueprint for the Auto Union. Shown here is the fourth (and last iteration) of the remarkable Auto Union Grand Prix race car, the 1939 Auto Union D-Type, a supercharged 3L V-12 that developed almost 550 horsepower. The Auto Union Type D won several Grand Prix races, but the advent of World War II ended the race. During the war, most of the Auto Unions were lost or destroyed, but during the 1980s a tireless researcher located the parts to reconstruct this Type D car near Saint Petersburg.

About Lucinda Lewis: A childhood fascination with cars and airplanes resulted in Lucinda Lewis becoming one of the world's premier automotive visionaries. Lewis' eclectic career inhabits the rare intersection of cars, content and code as an artist, technologist, and writer. She has traveled the world in search of our automotive heritage. In addition to artwork, videos and data infused with a passion for preserving provenance about our automotive culture, Lewis is currently at work on web3 projects melding automotive art from the past into the minds of future enthusiasts.

About Lushy: Miami native artist Miss Lushy blends the vibrance of colors with her passion for music into her paintings and exclusive portraits. Her admiration and love for graffiti and appreciation for street art inspired her to pick up a spray can and paint on a much larger scale. She attended Miami International University of Art & Design where she graduated with a bachelors in graphic design where she was able to merge her passions for graffiti, street art and graphic design. In the past few years Lushy has had the privilege of working with the communities in Miami and has worked with Hope Murals, a non-profit organization that provides youth with interactive experience via an urban arts platform that stimulates both mental and physical development. Recently she was commissioned to paint a mural of Celia Cruz in the heart of Little Havana, Calle Ocho.


Mixed media on printed photograph

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