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Johnny Robles

Gloria Bow 3, 2021

Gloria Bow 3

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30 x 40 ″
[The Zenith series] is currently being investigated and produced in various wet mediums and application techniques from aerosol enamels to sprayed pastels, applied using aerosol or large bristles for alternative mark making. The name Gloria Bow was taken from its scientific name, Glory Rainbows or halos to describe the likeness of these paintings. In nature this phenomenon we see is made up of tiny droplets of water in the air which are eliminated by sunlight passing through them and scattered back towards the viewer. Sunlight is made up of the entire range of colors that the eye can detect and when combined, it may appear as white light. The paintings are part of a collection of works which will be viewed as an abstract narrative of the artist’s past and present interests with nature, color theory, and the spiritual world.


Aerosol on panel

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